Why I prefer to see incall escort

Why I prefer to see incall escorts is a question I get frequently asked. A lot of men prefer escorts in the comfort of their own homes. But I don’t like to play hostess. I feel that when visiting an incall escort, her full attention is on making me feel comfortable and welcome. When it’s the other way around, I have to make her a drink and ensure she is comfortable in my home. For me it takes away the personal experience of the escort looking after me. I am the escorts guest and that’s why I prefer incall appointments. I also hate unexpected visitors, which I will explain later! 

The last time I had an outcall appointment was for my birthday. I wasted hours on my special day tidying up my bachelor pad. Washing and changing bedding. Doing a weeks’ worth of dishes. I totally lost track of time. However, the escort arrived at my home on time. I hadn’t had time to have a shower, so I felt extra disgusting and sweaty after all the rushing around. I wasn’t going to insult the girl by asking her to shower with me, when her hair and makeup was immaculate. So, I proceeded to have a shower. As I was about to get in the shower, I realised I hadn’t got her a drink. I ran back down and gave her a drink. I was going back into the shower, when I realised she was sat in my house all alone. So, I ran back down and put some music on for her. Finally, I got into the shower only to realise a stranger was sat in my living room with my phone, wallet and car keys. So, paranoia set in, wondering what she was up to. I had the quickest shower in history. Rather than getting dressed, to save time I would go down to her in a towel. As I went down the stairs, my towel slipped off revealing everything. Embarrassed, I bent down to pick up my towel, only to lose my balance on the stairs and fell head over heels, down to the bottom. Confused and dazed I looked up to see my front door opening. My mother, father, brothers, sister and their partners were all my unexpected birthday visitors! Letting themselves in with their arms full of presents and a birthday cake. Once they had made sure I was ok. I had twenty questions as to why I was naked at the bottom of the stairs? And who this girl was in my house? Through no fault of the escort, my outcall appointment was a disaster.  

So, because of that, I prefer incall escorts! I make an incall appointment and enjoy my day until that time. Then I turn up at the incall premises freshly showered. Everywhere is clean. The escort is calm and relaxed. No one else is in the incall premises. The door is locked. And I can concentrate on enjoying my incall escort. It’s as simple as that really!